Don't see a league that suits you, or do you have a group of friends or co-workers that want to get out together once a week or just periodically? We can make a league just for you! All you need is a minimum of 12 committed people. Just give us a call and we will help you create a league program that suits your crowd. All ages welcome!

5 Reasons to join a bowling league

1. Weekly Social Interaction

In a world where it can be tough to find time to socialize and have fun on a weekly basis, a bowling team gives the bowler something reliable and consistent to look forward to. You’re able to connect with your team members and others each week, catch up and share stories, and encourage each other.

2. Networking

People of all ages and backgrounds love bowling, so there are always inter­esting people to meet when you’re in a league. Many centres have themed league times, such as seniors leagues, youth programs, and special needs teams. Most centres are also open to creating a league if you have a group of like-minded people who wish to bowl together. Whether you are looking for a relaxed, fun atmosphere or serious compe­tition, there is a league right for you.

3. Fitness

Bowling uses 134 muscles during the basic approach and playing three games is the equivalent of walking a mile! The mental focus required helps to build discipline and sending a ball down the lane burns about 240 calories per hour. For many people with physical limitations, bowling provides a great exercise option.

4. Achievements

When you are part of a bowling team, the centre keeps records of all your games, how many pins you’ve knocked down in a season, what your average is, and more. This makes tracking your progress throughout the season easy and exciting! Bowlers set goals for themselves and work towards getting a specific score. A variety of prizes are frequently given and many leagues give recog­nition each week to the bowlers for their achievements.

5. Cash Prizes

Each league usually has cash prizes at the end of the season, and each has a different way of distributing them. The fun leagues usually pay out a bit of money to each team, but the focus is on the social aspect. The more serious competitive leagues often pay out quite a substantial amount of prize money at each season’s end, and the amount can be a reason in itself to be in a league if you’re a talented bowler. From this stage, advanced tournaments also become an option.

League Schedule


Special Olympics - 6:30pm


Club 55+ - 1:00pm

$10 weekly for 3 games


Wednesday Fun - 7:00pm

$14 weekly for 3 games


Classic League - 7:00pm

$24 weekly for 4 games


Friday Fun - 7:00pm

$14 weekly for 3 games 


YBC - 10:00am

Ages 10 and under


YBC - 11:30am

Ages 11 and up


For questions about any of our leagues feel free to give the staff a call at the center!

Black Diamond Bowl & Billiards 250.564.2695

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